OKO is for everyone. Together, we are creating a better future.

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    Building the self confidence for success

    At OKO, we are levelling the playing field. We offer better opportunities for all. We want every young person to feel supported in their pursuit of self-confidence.

    We are a people-focused social enterprise. We know that building confidence is crucial to uncovering direction and reaching your goals, whether they are professional or personal. We are building bridges across generations to collaborate and share knowledge.

    OKO is for everyone. Together, we are creating a better future.

    Meet the people behind OKO

    • Dave Evans

      Dave started from humble beginnings on a council estate changing tyres at 17. He went on to lead HighIQ Robotics, a Silicon Valley AI company, before founding OKO. An unlikely invested tech CEO, Dave's journey is testament to OKO and proves that if you dream big and work hard, anything is possible.

    • Karl Phillips

      Karl is a top-notch developer with over 20 years experience in tech. He's built applications for fast growing businesses in finance, healthcare, academia, gaming and social housing. And as a certified RYA Yachtmaster Ocean skipper, he's also taught disadvantaged kids to sail!

    • James Hallatt

      James has been there, done it, hung up the t-shirt and now gets to do what he wants. Fortunately for OKO, that means James brings his wisdom and experience to OKO's table. A marketeer by trade, James' career was spent in consumer Health Care having run the Oral Care business for GSK and latterly worked in Private Equity.

    • Emma Disney

      Emma is a psychotherapist who specialises in supporting young people who pairs heart and soul with intelligence and instinct. Emma is also twice an author with "Teen-a-pause" and "Still Born".
      For those who have seen Billions, Emma is OKO's "Wendy".

    • Eli Markham

      App Developer
      Eli was OKO’s first hire. Having graduated in Computer Science, Eli had applied for 90+ jobs without ever receiving an interview. He was recruited through the OKO programme and has transformed our Engineering team by contributing to all products and is central to our native app development.

    • Brandonlee Brown

      Socials & Biz Dev
      Brandon joined OKO for our launch and has been managing our social media ever since. Brandon continues to wow us with his work ethic and dedication to the company, and now takes on the role of Business Development! He's a shining example of what OKO does for young people.

    • Laura Jordan Bambach

      Co-Founder & Non-Exec
      Laura's creative experience includes tenures as President of Grey Advertising, President of D&AD and founder of SheSays, a global community of 60,000 women, nurturing, supporting and coaching new female talent in to the creative industry.

    • Adarsh Ramchurn

      OKO Youth Ambassador
      Adarsh is studying Business Management with Social Change at QMUL and is a social change apprentice at the RSA. A definitive change advocate, Adarsh is also as sharp as he is astute and empathetic. Having met Dave as his mentee, Adarsh is committed to making OKO a platform accessible to millions of young people, empowering them to be the best versions of themselves.

    • Arvinda Singh Lalli

      OKO Youth Ambassador
      Arvinda started off working in a Garden Centre during his college days, pulling weeds out and wondering to himself what came first, the chicken or the egg :)
      A Degree Apprentice at QMUL and The Scouts Association. After reading "Think & Grow Rich", the idea of mentorship became an obvious and critical pathway to build success for Arvinda and his peers.