From safety to prosperity! How OKO helped Kemari achieve success

May 4, 2022
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Kemari came to OKO while working for the NHS to get the extra assistance and guidance he needed, he is now the Co-Founder of the successful Imperium Physiotherapy Clinic.

We recently caught up with the OKO graduate to discuss his mentoring experience, current business and more.

How was the OKO experience for you?

“It was a very different experience than anything I’m used to. It felt strange to have the focus on me
and having the emphasis on improving myself. I think it was an uplifting experience overall and
something I’m grateful I was able to be a part of.”

Where were you before OKO and where are you now?

“Before OKO I was working in the NHS on the verge of opening a Physiotherapy clinic and having
another online retail business. Since then, I’ve had the courage to leave my NHS job and focus on my

Kemari is now a proud Co-Founder of Imperium Physiotherapy Clinic, helping hundreds of people
recover from their injuries.

What skills did you learn or develop that’s helping you with your business?

“Communication skills, developing the habit of writing things down and planning properly as
opposed to keeping everything in my head. How to approach new clients and personnel.”

Were you and your mentor a good match?


Would you recommend OKO? If yes, why?

“I would recommend it most definitely. I think it helps to refine the positive things you’re already
good at and supports you in utilising those skills further.”

“It’s a process that also highlights what can be improved on. Overall, it’s really good in helping you to
figure out where and who you are.”

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