How your company should handle Diversity and Inclusion

November 5, 2021
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Diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace. However, many companies struggle with how to implement a strategy that delivers on both fronts.

Here are 3 ways your company can ensure a more diverse and inclusive workplace:

1. Truly understand what Diversity and Inclusion means and why it's important to your business

Many organisations follow what they see as the norm without first understanding the problem. Through understanding comes new, improved and more effective ways of addressing diversity and inclusion.

2. Utilise your empathetic leaders

D&I is often pushed aside as an area that only the HR department needs to address. However, having empathetic leaders within all departments that are aware and conscious of the need to make the workplace more diverse and inclusive, breeds success. Every leader needs to champion this and assist to change the culture within the company.

3. Make it ongoing

This should not be a one time 'thing' you aim to solve as there is no one time fix. Continuously creating new ways and implementing new strategies is the way forward to creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment which is recognised by both people within and outside your organisation. Simply having one 'thing' you are doing, and then forgetting about further developing, is not enough.

Final thoughts

The more diverse your company is, the better it will be. Diversity and inclusion are important for any kind of business to succeed in today's global market where customers come from all walks of life. But how do you make these two concepts a reality? Start with empathy - employing leaders who can understand what other people go through so they know when something isn't working or when someone needs help. And continue by making diversity and inclusion ongoing work that never ends; after one project has been completed, there should always be another one waiting around the corner. It’s not just about having different kinds of people on staff but also creating an environment where everyone feels like they belong and have a purpose at their job--because we're all in it together.

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