Meet Eli, Mentee

June 1, 2021
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Eli had completed his Computer Science degree at University of Kent when he came across OKO. Graduating into a world on lockdown – with uncertainty everywhere in the employment market – wasn’t easy. OKO not only helped Eli map out his next steps, it actually offered him a job, and Eli’s been beavering away in the background helping us build this thing ever since!

What does OKO mean to you?

“OKO was the first human face I found after a year spent trying unsuccessfully to break into my industry. OKO does something very special in that it does away with that feeling of isolation that comes with only getting the occasional "sorry, no" in your inbox.”

What worked best about OKO's personality matching process?

“Knowing that my mentor and I had similar personalities really accelerated our progress together. There were a bunch of times my mentor intuitively knew where I was struggling because she'd been there herself. And it totally goes both ways too. It helped me see myself as someone who can achieve some kick ass shit for sure.”

What has OKO done for you?

“In the end, OKO actually got me a job in the same industry I studied for! More than that though, having someone to talk to who wants to help and actually can help. That by itself is invaluable if you want to keep your head on straight while trying to start your career.”

Why should people OKO?

“I have a lot of friends who are ridiculously skilled at what they do and I know that if they get onto OKO it's a chance to show off those skills a bit. And if what they get out from it is some sorta good trajectory then what have they got to lose? I want to see my friends succeed as well!”

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