Meet Matt, Mentor

June 22, 2021
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Matt has lived and worked for Danone all over the world – in the UK, Australia, Singapore, China and France. He is now back in London as Commercial Director for Growth Channels at Danone UK where his wealth of multicultural experience has created within him a genuine passion for and track record of unlocking the potential in both businesses and people – a passion that has found its perfect outlet in OKO.

What does OKO mean to you?

“OKO is a modern, high impact platform that helps people gain clarity on what they want to achieve and gives them the confidence to go for it. It does away with some of the limitations of historical mentoring, which has tended to be industry specific and overly reliant on having a good personal network.”

What worked best about OKO's personality matching process?

“The personality matching was very effective and our first session allowed us to really focus on our similarities and what it might mean, trading personal examples early on to illustrate it. It was a great ice breaker, and the perfect way for us to start our journey together. The pairing process allowed us to feel at ease with each other very quickly and build trust.”

What has OKO done for you?

“OKO has allowed me to explore my experience and knowledge to support someone outside of my immediate personal or professional circle. The results have been very positive and it was a pleasure getting to know my mentee, who I hope to stay in touch with. What’s more, when I think back over this experience, my own personal growth really comes to life in my mind, a side benefit that I can leverage moving ahead too!”

Why should people OKO?

“OKO’s programme can have a big positive impact on someone – mentors as much as mentees – even if you are time poor and lead a busy life (trust me, with 3 kids....I know all about that!). OKO delivers the structure needed to allow you to focus your effort on creating a very personal experience for the mentee.”

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