Meet Muskaan, Mentee

June 21, 2021
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Born to science and fostered by art, Muskaan is an aspiring advertising creative who loves to scribble and doodle. A Brixton Finishing School graduate – and currently a second-year student at the University of Leeds – Muskaan is extremely passionate about raising awareness around mental health and illnesses, especially in under-represented or neglected communities. Muskaan discovered OKO as part of her search for internship opportunities.

What does OKO mean to you?

“OKO is ‘career cupid’ – it helps you meet YOUR ideal mentor, who is as excited about your career as you are.”

What worked best about OKO's personality matching process?

“The pairing process was unique and introspective, because it analyses your personality instead of credentials. So, while my mentor seemed to have little in common with me on the surface – in terms of what we do – our personalities, the kind of people we are, proved to be a perfect match! It made it easier to pinpoint problems and find solutions, as we both shared similar thoughts and experiences just in different guises.”

What has OKO done for you?

“OKO has helped me uncover my strengths and limitations, and brought to light opportunities I was oblivious to. It has given me structured development, enduring confidence and a lifelong friend.”

Why should people OKO?

“I would highly recommend OKO because it accelerates your growth, builds your self-esteem and opens doors to opportunities that you didn't even know existed.”

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