Meet Nick, Mentor

June 23, 2021
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Nick Chaplin is Solution Delivery Director at Coupa Software, and has a long history of implementing and managing support processes. Nick was excited to become an OKO mentor as he’d been looking for a way to share his experience of the corporate world with people starting out in their career who might find the world of business alien and daunting.

What does OKO mean to you?

“OKO is a really smart and frictionless way to foster meaningful mentoring relationships. For me as the mentor it opened a door to allowing me to do something that I've wanted to do for a long time, and bring my experience from the corporate world over into a mentoring relationship with a young person.”

What worked best about OKO's personality matching process?

“It’s very simple to use, and uncanny in its ability to match me with a mentee with a similar personality type. Although we come from different places and have different life experiences, the matching allowed us to find a lot that we had in common which served as the basis for our discussions around my mentees strengths and areas for development.”

What has OKO done for you?

“OKO allowed me to create a connection with a young person and get them started on their mentoring journey. It's a reminder of how I saw the world when I started out in my career, and gives me a fresh perspective on how young people see the world now, and what their aspirations and hopes are. Gaining this perspective, combined with the hugely rewarding feeling that you're helping in a small way to support a young person in the first steps of their career is the value that OKO has brought.”

Why should people OKO?

“Becoming a mentor with OKO gives you an opportunity to develop your mentoring skills, and reflect on the things that have made a difference to your own career and help a young member of society to benefit from the insights that you gained.”

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