Meet Ria, Mentee

June 29, 2021
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Ria has always had a passion for sustainability and the environment, and has focused on the sciences throughout her education – with the ambition to become an engineer working in wind energy. But she also knows just how hard work engineering will be, how far from home it might take her – and OKO has provided a timely opportunity to reflect on her next steps.

What does OKO mean to you?

“OKO is a process of self-discovery and awareness. It provides direction and advice from a personal mentor – someone you wouldn’t necessarily choose for yourself but who, because of the the personality matching, is actually the most beneficial for you. Your OKO mentor can help direct you to bring the best out of yourself.”

What worked best about OKO's personality matching process?

“The pairing process required a basic understanding of myself and my personality. My answers were raw, and I believe that by being truthful with myself I was paired with a great mentor. When we first started our sessions, we understood each other and could recognise ourselves within each other. It was great to see that my personality type will not be a barrier to my success, and I could see that my mentor – with a similar personality type! – has done so well.”

What has OKO done for you?

“I have been able to channel what really means a lot to me into a project that I feel passionate about. I came into the process with a desired outcome, what I have developed instead is a medium to express my passion in the form of a blog. My heart had taken over my head and honestly, I’m so happy with what we’re achieving!”

Why should people OKO?

“I would recommend OKO because it is a source of positive and useful advice and direction. The mentors know what they are talking about and they have witnessed the working world and its processes. As someone who is only just starting to emerge into the working world, this form of mentorship has been incredibly useful and I have an outcome that I never expected – and I really enjoyed it too!”

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