Personality focused mentoring webinar with SASIG and Kaspersky

February 2, 2022
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‘The youth are our future’ may be an overused phrase, but how do we get our best and brightest to know what is available to them?

How do you match young people with business mentors? How about using psychometric data?

We have found, the most effective way to develop new intakes and new mentors is by guiding young people through a structured development journey while training your staff how to be effective mentors – you can find and nurture talent and opportunity ‘on the job’.

Supported by Kaspersky and guest chaired by Ian Hancocks, Global Client Director of International Compliance Association, in this webinar, our CEO, Dave Evans, and CTO, Karl Phillips, walk you through how they envision supporting every young person into a career which is right for them, whilst at the same time delivering standardised training, support and the tools that enable a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.

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