The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) joins the OKO pledge

August 25, 2022
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We are honoured to announce that the Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) and their Chairman and Founder Martin Smith, MBE, are supporting our pledge to give every young person a mentor.

The SASIG is a strong networking community and thought-leadership forum for thousands of cybersecurity professionals, supporting the development of the industry through a series of physical events, webinars and masterclasses. They provide an environment where security professionals across all sectors can gather together privately to explore contentious and challenging cybersecurity issues in greater detail.

Martin Smith, MBE, says, “I believe it is important to support young people in their first steps into their career. That’s why SASIG and I have supported OKO in their pledge to provide every young person with a mentor. [This summer], millions of young people will get their exam results and leave the support of the education system. Mentoring can give young people a real insight into life and the world of work, so we hope you will join us in supporting this pledge, too.”

SASIG was founded in 2004 as a place for frontline security professionals to be able to gather, to safely and freely exchange views and concerns about the softer issues of cybersecurity. Over 18 years later, SASIG has established itself as a leading and credible voice of the corporate sector in addressing the more difficult and less tangible cybersecurity issues that others avoid.

We owe Martin and the team a debt of gratitude for their partnership and continued support over the past year.

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