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What are the benefits

Benefits for businesses:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to improve diversity and inclusion through
  • Develop current and future leaders of your business into agile coaches and
  • Invest in your employees to increase staff retention by up to 69% (Forbes)
  • Build a supportive performance culture based on feedback, openness, and a
    desire to learn

Benefits for mentors:

  • Renew your perspective on today's youth through bridging the age barrier
  • Gain confidence in your own abilities and recognise the value of your
  • Practical guidance and mentoring experience through our six-step
    programme to turbo boost your leadership potential
  • OKO Mentor Certification, proof of mentoring capabilities from a recognised
  • Exclusive OKO accreditation for use across email signatures, LinkedIn, and
    social media
  • Access to private OKO Mentor groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to tap into
    OKO's network of inspiring people

Feel-good mentoring

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    We use personality profiling technology to match Mentors with Mentees from outside of your organisation, to provide a strong foundation to build a collaborative relationship

    Our intuitive app keeps everything in one place. Your team will have everything they need in the app, from sessions and planning to note-taking and communication tools

  • Open door


    At OKO we created our six-step programme so that anyone with just seven years of career experience can Mentor like a boss

    We recruit via leading youth organisations and social media platforms. OKO is free to Mentees, and we are proud to have a discrimination-free recruitment process

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    Our app offers expert guidance for Mentors every step of the way

    We provide easy-to-follow tips and tools to guide Mentors and Mentees to success

    We ask for a minimum commitment of only 1.5 hours a month for six months

Greater insights with OKO's management console

Manage and review your employees’ progress through the OKO for Business Console.

What are the key features?

  • Dashboard (overall reporting)
  • Individual progress and tracking
  • Signup reporting (how to check and ensure mentors are engaging)
  • Invites or self-sign up
  • Easy to get started
When I think about some of the training & development that I’ve had from big corporate experience, OKO is a notch up and beats it hands down.
Max Jolly - CEO @ Arcspire

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