Be part of the movement. Become an OKO Mentor.

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    My name's Dave, I'm the founder of OKO, and I'd like to say thank you for considering becoming an OKO mentor. Your company has already signed up and has invited you to the program, so I guess you are here to see what it's all about.

    By becoming an OKO mentor, you will be part of the movement to catalyse true social change, delivering a direct injection of knowledge and experience to those who need it most.

    There's a very real kick back to you personally: by becoming an OKO mentor, you will be instrumental in changing a young person's life while developing your leadership skills and building your confidence at the same time.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your success story on OKO soon. Let's OKO!

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      What's in it for me?

      Benefits of being an OKO Mentor:

      • Career focused so can pass on all your working experience
      • Renew your perspective on today's youth through bridging the age barrier
      • Gain confidence in your own abilities and recognise the value of your
      • Practical guidance and mentoring experience through our six-step
        programme to turbo boost your leadership potential
      • OKO Mentor Certification, proof of mentoring capabilities from a recognised
      • Exclusive OKO accreditation for use across email signatures, LinkedIn, and
        social media
      • Access to private OKO Mentor groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to tap into
        OKO's network of inspiring people

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        We use personality profiling technology to match Mentors with Mentees from outside of your organisation, to provide a strong foundation to build a collaborative relationship

        Our intuitive app keeps everything in one place. You have everything you need in the app, from sessions and planning to note-taking and communication tools

      • Open door


        At OKO we created our six-step programme so that anyone with ten years of career experience can Mentor like a boss

        We recruit via leading youth organisations and social media platforms. OKO is free to Mentees, and we are proud to have a discrimination-free recruitment process

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        Our app offers expert guidance for our Mentors every step of the way

        We provide easy-to-follow tips and tools to guide Mentors and Mentees to success

        We ask for a minimum commitment of only 1.5 hours a month for six months

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      The app

      Everything you need for your mentoring journey is built into OKO's app. Features include video chat, in-app messenger and our scheduling and progress tracking tools, all in one place.

      What are the key features?

      • Personality matching
      • Session content (step by step mentor guides too)
      • Chat to your mentee
      • Video meetings
        When I think about some of the training & development that I’ve had from big corporate experience, OKO is a notch up and beats it hands down.
        Max Jolly - CEO @ Arcspire

        Some of our businesses

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        That's it, are you in? You can sign up via the link your administrator sent you. Welcome to OKO!