Our six-part framework was built to set you on track to success.

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    Anyone can be a mentor with OKO. We train your people to be the best mentor they can be. Learn in your own time in bite sized chunks via our app with our mentor guides. Our flexible programme helps you support and nurture your mentee to dream big and reach for the stars!

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      Self Awareness

      First, Mentors and Mentees get to know each other. You will find common ground and discover where you differ, whilst you explore your dreams and ambitions.

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      Next, you will recognise the things that make you great. Through a process of discovery, you will identify where your strengths lie and how to harness them to reach your goals.

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      We all have hurdles to overcome when it comes to success. This step looks at uncovering those barriers and naming them. You will likely find they are not as limiting as you think...

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      Confidence in communication is key to success. During this step, you will explore practical ways to develop your written and verbal communication skills.

    • Thumbs up, step 5


      Attitude is important. In this step, You will identify areas where you can improve and take control of your future.

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      Problem Solving

      Finally, you will delve into problem-solving tools and tactics that will help you build up your resilience and determination to succeed.

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    The app

    Everything you need for your mentoring journey is built into OKO's app. Features include video chat, in-app messenger and our scheduling and progress tracking tools, all in one place.

    What are the key features?

    • Personality matching
    • Session content (mentor guide too)
    • Chat to your mentor/mentee
    • Video meetings
      When I think about some of the training & development that I’ve had from big corporate experience, OKO is a notch up and beats it hands down.
      Max Jolly - CEO @ Arcspire